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There are better ways to do some things.

Canned software packages are usually geared toward the masses. A contact database system purchased off the shelf, has to have the flexibility to accommodate a host of different user environments and situations. Usually a company can find a way to make such an application work for them, but it always comes at at a price, usually in efficiency.


A custom data solution from BTB Net Solutions is written for you, with your needs in mind. Keystroke minimization, simplicity of use, and  most importantly- effectiveness, are all key marks of a BTB Net Solutions Custom Data Solution.


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BTB Net Solutions offers a full range of Internet / web solutions including website development and design, website hosting, Internet marketing, content development, and e-business start-up consulting for business and non-profit organizations. We specialize in providing affordable, high quality website  design, development, and hosting services to our customers. Discount pricing of website design and hosting is offered without sacrificing personal, professional, and courteous customer service!

BTB Net Solutions uses Macromedia Flash,  Adobe Premier, Active Server Page technology, Online Database technology, CGI scripting, and many other advanced web technologies to make your website unique and highly functional.

Corporate presentations developed by BTB Net Solutions use similar technologies to generate the high impact animations and graphics required for maximum impact on your target audience. BTB Net Solutions can create the custom logos by which your company will be recognized. Often a logo is the first impression your company makes on its recipient. Our services include company logo and/or company trademark design.

BTB Net Solutions offers custom written software, and database solutions.